Noble Science of Defence has a structured cost system to make life easier for all. We offer an initial system of casual payments so that you can take some time to check if the classes are for you. The costs are as follows;

First class – The first class is free to all newcomers. Your first lesson will consist of a few techniques and ideas designed to show you what the system is and how it works. It will also involve some fun ideas and techniques for you to explore.

Cost per lesson – Lessons cost £12 each. This cost is for non members. You can join as a member at any time. Casual payments are only available for two months but allow you to take a few lessons to ensure that you wish to continue training without any further commitment. After the initial two month period you will need to sign as a member.

Membership – £20 per year per student. Upon becoming a member you will receive your own insurance and a welcome pack. The welcome pack has a booklet containing some information on the club, some rules and a few of the theories that we use in our training. Membership also comes with a discount at a supplier of some of the equipment you will need.

Cost for Members – Fees for members are paid monthly by standing order.

The cost for members is £40 per month for one lesson per week. To train twice per week the cost increases to £60 per month.

Cost of equipment – Equipment costs vary. As a member you will get a discount at the Knight Shop who sell much of what you will initially require at great prices. You can always discuss with your instructor what equipment you need and what equipment is good to get.