Chief Instructor – Chris Connah

Chris has been studying martial arts for more than 19 years, beginning with Wing Chun Kung Fu. He ran a successful kung fu school before turning his attentions to the study of historical fencing in 2012.

After training for some time at a local fencing school Chris has taken responsibility for his own training, working with a local guild of fencers to improve his art through free fencing and collegiate discussion.

Through this method Chris has developed the means to assess his own progression and to identify and focus his training where it requires most work.

At the beginning of 2020, Chris began an intensive study of the text of George Silver and has since been deciphering the text and training in the principles of the art described within it. Having realised the importance of the art to the historical record and the lack of representation within the historical fencing community, Chris decided to open the Noble Science of Defence fencing school.

Using the principles of the works of George Silver, the records of the Company of Masters of London, his extensive knowledge of martial arts through years of training and teaching and the assistance of his fencing partners, Chris has developed a syllabus designed to progress students from beginner to master influenced by the traditions of the ancient masters.